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Contest Overview
The goal of the contest is to promote the practical implementation of Seasteads by rewarding startup society entrepreneurs for securing concessions from their host government.
What is a Seastead?
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“I think [most people] care only when the systems start to crumble. At that point many, many people are going to be saying ‘there should be better ways to do this.’”
— Mark Frazier, "Grandfather" of Startup Societies"
1. Envision Opportunity
Fill out the application questionnaire and gather the required items to process your submission, such as your proposed Seastead location, video essay and geographical data.

If your application is complete and your location suitable, you will go one to Phase 2, where you'll be awarded 1,000 Varyon (the cryptocurrency powering Seasteads) and get to speak to one of the co-founders of Blue Frontiers.
2. Confirm intent
Submit a general letter of invitation from a government official along with photos and video of the proposed site. You will be required to pass a background check.

If your letter of invitation is suitable and the Blue Frontiers team decides to visit your country, you will move on to Phase 3 and be awarded an additional 10,000 Varyon and get to meet personally with members of the team.
3. Meet industry leaders
The top 10 entrepreneurs from the contest will win a trip to Rotterdam to visit our partners’ Blue21 at their floating pavilion, where you will learn from industry leaders just how sustainable floating islands are built, how the environment is preserved and what the future of humanity on the sea looks like.
4. legislation
Once your host government passes the legislation required to implement the pilot project, you will be awarded 100,000 Varyon immediately, and $100,000 USD once the pilot is actually built.
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New partnership opportunities will be available soon for Seasteads on the Blue Frontier.
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Participating Entrepreneurs
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French Polynesia
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Panel of Key Industry Leaders
Submissions are carefully evaluated by our jury of curated field experts.
Click each juror's image to visit their LinkedIn profiles.
Tap each juror's image to visit their LinkedIn profiles.
Karina Czapiewska
Floating City Developer, Blue21
Joe Quirk
President, The Seasteading Institute
Joe Mckinney
CEO, Nuhanse Network
Marc Collins
Co-Founder, Blue Frontiers
Lotta Moberg
Senior Macro Analyst, William Blair & Co.
Matatea Changuy
Advisor, Blue Frontiers
Seasteading pioneers
Our mission is powered by industry leaders and the brightest minds in the field.
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